face treatments


Try our express facial to hydrate and improve skin tone.

A thorough facial cleansing to eliminate blackheads and excess oils. This is suitable for all types of skin: sensitive, oily or dry. 1.5 hours

This is a deep facial cleansing that eliminates blackheads and excess oils. It also helps close pores, sterilise facial skin and is also effective as an acne treatment. 1.5 hours

Effectively soothes, softens and rebuilds the natural defences of sensitive or reactive skin. 1 hour

This facial regulates the secretion of sebum; calms irritation for a beautiful matte complexion.

This facial fights and repairs the signs of ageing and helps produce collagen for firmer and smoother skin.

This facial enhances your skin’s hydration and density for a rejuvenated and firm skin.

Reduce the appearance of sun damage, pigmentation, scars, and age spots with this great facial.

This treatment intensively moisturises to reduce the effects of dehydration. It also includes pore cleansing therapy and blackheads removal. 1 hour

This gives your skin a fresh and youthful look by providing it with the oxygen it needs. It can help protect your skin from the effects of air pollution and harsh weather. The treatment includes steam cleansing for facial pores and blackheads. 1.5 hours

An effective treatment for skin pigmentation. It works on uniting skin colour and bleaching dark spots. It gives a fresh look and includes facial cleaning to eliminate blackheads. Pigmentation treatment needs as many sessions as determined by a skin specialist. 1.5 hours

This treats dark shading and wrinkles around the eyes. 45 minutes

This fills-in fine wrinkles around the eyes, which start from the age of 30. Includes facial cleansing if needed. 1 hour


This treatment can cut the flabbiness that women over 40 may suffer from. It can tighten and lift skin to eliminate wrinkles, and includes facial cleansing if needed. 1.5 hours

This skin peeling treatment to remove dead skin and prepare it for special treatments to cure uneven pigmentation or pale skin. 1 hour

This is a great treatment for sensitive skin. The treatment works on soothing the skin and reducing the effects of heat by moisturising it and includes facial cleansing and blackheads removal if needed.

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