• Hair buff
  • Wavy
  • Hair up
  • Blow dry
  • Fringe trim
  • Trim
  • Standard cut
  • Treatment hair cut
  • ”Colour

      We only use the best hair dye such as INOA and Majirel hair dye.
  • Full head colour
  • Roots colour
  • Colour refresh
  • Colour correction
  • Full head highlights
  • T-section highlights
  • Partial head highlights
  • Semi-permanent colour
  • Chronologiste Treatment
      Treat your hair with the finest treatment which has a high concentration of active ingredients such as caviar. This treatment rejuvenates the scalp because it contains several vitamins, including Vitamin A + E. The result is beautiful and healthy hair.
  • Keratermine Treatment
      Your hair is tired and needs this treatment to rebuild the hair from the inside and moisten it from outside. You will see excellent results.
  • Kerastase Treatment
      This treatment is great for heat damaged hair. The mask is used for very sensitive dry hair. It penetrates the hair follicle for longer lasting results.
  • Oleo Relax Slim Treatment
      This treatment is for the very dry and rebellious hair. It nourishes and moisturizes intensively and gently. With three natural oils (Alcamelina, Almamsh and Albrkxa), it relaxes the hair and reduces its size.
  • Volumephorse
      It is the first treatment created by Kerastase for the light hair. The Alantrasilan ingredient forms a protective and nourishing shield around each hair and ensuring thickness of hair.
      15 minutes. Technology used: Intra Cillin
  • Peeling
      This treatment works on cleaning and moisturizing your scalp and re-energizing the scalp. It should be done once per week for six weeks for better results. 10 minutes.
  • Vita Cement and Mask
      This treatment works on promoting cellular cement inside the hair and rebuilds it by 64% from the first time used for tired and weak hair. 25 minutes.
  • Oleo Fusion and Mask
      This treatment is for very dry and sensitive hair. This treatment forms a protective layer over the surface of the hair, making it silky, smooth and full of moisture. 25 minutes.Technology used: Nutri Well + Aninom
  • Pinglist and Mask
      This is best for coloured hair as the treatment increases shine and colour protection. 30 minutes. Technology used: Micro Fibronic System
  • Fusio
      This treatment provides nutrition to the hair, moisturises and shines the hair. It is a fast treatment that is great for those on the go. 10 minutes.
  • ”L’Oreal

  • Vitamino color
      This is the best treatment for coloured hair. it will lock in the colour and give you that shine.
  • Lumino contrast
      Your hair will never look dull again. This is made for highlighted hair. It nourishes your hair with lipids and accentuates contrast.
  • Liss ultimo treatment
      This is a treatment for unmanageable hair. it will smoothen and control your hair while giving you volume.
  • Absolut repair treatment
      This treatment will increase resistance and strength in your very damaged hair.
  • Force vector treatment
      For dull and brittle hair, this is your answer. It will deeply reinforce and strengthen and nourish your hair fibers.
  • ”Extensions”

  • Kerastase extensions
  • Clips extensions
  • Ring extensions
  • ”Texture”

  • X-TENSO Hair treatment (1 tube)
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